Bulk SMS PHP Software

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What is XtraBulk SMS Software?

XtraBulk SMS is a PHP web application that you can host on your own server and easily connect with any SMPP Server you want or HTTP API.  XtraBulk SMS is very lightweight, fast and reliable web based Bulk SMS software that you can install on any Linux server without any sever server modifications or server side installs XtraBulk SMS can even run on shared hosting.

XtraBulk SMS is plug and play ready with the following SMS MMS Gateways & SMS Providers

  • NowSMS SMS and MMS Gateway if you already have NowSMS Gateway all you have to do is to enter your gateway IP, Port, username, password and you are ready to go
  • Ozeki NG SMS and MMS Gateway if you already have Ozeki NG Gateway all you have to do is to enter your gateway IP, Port, username, password and you are ready to go.

* If you are a messaging operator or provider and want your API to be added to our software and listed here please contact us.

XtraBulk SMS is all-in-one web based Bulk SMS software for Bulk SMS Providers, SMS Resellers and Advertising Agencies which provides client management, online payments, detailed reports etc…

Who should be interested to buy XtraBulk SMS Software?

  • Existing Bulk SMS Providers and Mobile aggregators
  • Bulk SMS resellers whom are currently using their provider white label application and want to have more control over their clients data, pricing and also to eliminate many risks like (their provider goes bankrupt, server down for maintenance or failure, sudden change of pricing etc..) due to the fact that their white label application is not hosted on your server
  • Web designers, agencies, hosting companies who would like to add another profitable revenue stream to their line of services.
  • Banks and corporate businesses who wants to preserve high level of privacy and security
  • Startup businesses who are looking to start their own online profitable business and get into the $10 billion dollar  worldwide mobile marketing and messaging industry (we have a special package for startups even if you don’t have any technical knowledge or background about this business we can get you up and running in less than 2 weeks of incentive one to one training on how to manage the application and how to market this service worldwide, custom web site design with SEO “search engine optimization”,  worldwide suppliers list.

Why should I Buy XtraBulk SMS Software?

  • 100% stable code we have tested our software hundreds of times and we have clients using it on a daily basis sending hundreds of thousands of SMS each day per client application.
  • 100% open source code which means you can edit the code or extend the software fucntionality by your development team (just make sure you have a professional PHP developer)
  • Hassle free turnkey solution that works after the first minute of installation (installation takes 10 – 15 min maximum)
  • 100%  compliant with SMS technology and standards worldwide
  • We are not only programmers we are also in the messaging business which makes us capable to respond to any custom modification in a short time
  • We are continuously developing and enhancing our software and you have 1 year of free updates
  • Cost saving… If you are already in the SMS business you will know that by having your own Bulk SMS application you have an upper hand when you negotiate prices with providers and operators
  • 100% lifetime ownership of the software there are no hidden charges, no monthly or yearly fees to keep the software working (support and free updates are optional after the first year)

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