Mobile Applications Portfolio

Our portofolio for some of the developed Android & Iphone Mobile Applications.


App Name: MLS HIGH

Description: MLS HIGH (Misr Language School – American division) provides to parents easy access to school news, events, updated calendar like beginning and ending of semesters, public holidays, dates of exams results, general school activities, division specific events, urgent notifications as well as email forms to inquire information directly from the division admin, the application also provides links to the division website.


- Cleint can update and add new pages from a very uersfriendly backend without republishing the application and without installing new updated on the mobile phones as all content is online and any chnages made to the applicaiton contetn reflects instalantly in the APP.

- Client can Send bulk push notification/SMS and Geofencing to everyone who has the application installed on thier mobile phone

- Client can link the calender with thier Ical, Facebook Events or create custom calender all with location and RSVP

- Contact Us details with click to call, email form, google maps, facebook, twitter, website links

- Feeback email form that could be easily customized directly by the client

- Facebook Page, Twitter, Picasa, Instagram, Youtube, Pocast, custom images and videos can be instantly deployed on the app by just providing the relavent information without any need of republishing the application.

- Color Theme, background images can also be changed on the fly without any need of republishing the application.

- All above changes and updates doesn't require any technical or coding knowledge from the backend adminsitrator, if you can use facebook you can update and manage all ascpects of the application.

App Name: Best Cairo

Description: Best Cairo Demo Application, the purpose of this application is to provide a functional demo of the rapid development modules currently available that we can customize and deploy to our clients in very short time.
Feel free to download and test all the functionality and if you have any specific need we can tailor to your requirements.


App Name: Top 50 DJ's

Description: Top 50 DJ's Mobile application for Android. Listen to the world Top DJ's,More than 250 hours or mixes, DJ sets & Mix tapes.

- Ranking of DJ's as per the DJ List website

- Share tracks of your social media

.- Music News form top music channels

- Very fast streaming



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