Premuim SMS

The VAS platform or Premuim SMS platform provides all 2 way SMS (Premium SMS) functionality needed to build any interactive SMS logic (service) e.g. SMS Quiz, SMS Votes, SMS competitions, SMS TV Chat, mobile content delivery like SMS to ringtones, wallpapers, logo, mobile applications etc... The types of SMS service that could be used are endless it is up to your creativity. Best Cairo mobile marketing platform (Vas Platform, PSMS Platform) allows all its customers to receive SMS messages from an SMS long code (AKA Virtual Mobile Number) or an SMS short code, and automatically respond with SMS messages that has been predefined through these numbers. The VAS platform is a web application where clients can manage their SMS services from any web browser without the need to install complex hardware’s or servers.

VAS Platform Technical aspect

Unlimited addition of logics (SMS services) the VAS platform comes with an open architecture which allows clients to develop their own 2 way SMS, PSMS services and/or make the built in services communicate with other platforms or services allowing faster deployment of new SMS logic or idea

Secure access to the VAS platform from any web browser.

User Friendly interface no technical skills or programming knowledge is needed to run and manage your interactive SMS services

High Processing speed: the VAS platform can process up to 150 incoming SMS per second.

VAS platform Features & Tools:

Easily create SMS services like (SMS quiz, SMS vote etc…) just in two or three simple steps,

Temporarily Pause running SMS services to reconfigure service parameters (e.g. change SMS Quiz question, change end date, etc). Without losing incoming SMS messages while a service is paused messages are still being received, and will be processed after that the service has been played again.

Active SMS Session: Advanced mechanism that identifies returning participants/subscribers in a service and correctly routes their messages, even if they forget to insert the SMS service keyword.

Ad-Sponsored SMS Replies: each SMS service can have an additional advertising channel to SMS service sponsors, who can now have their brand name, slogan, or message inserted at the end of each SMS reply to participants' mobile phones.

       Mobile Billing Management:

  • The profit percentage and grand total the client receive from each short code used in the platform
  • The tariff for each short code used, as defined by the mobile operators.
  • The profit percentage agreed with each platform user/client, for each service and their grand totals.
  • A single service could be associated with one or multiple users/clients.

Export of all the information in different formats Excel, PDF, RTF.

Direct SMS Reply to service participants by sending an SMS through the service page either to single or a group of participants.

Group participants in order to later be able to communicate with them via individual SMS or Bulk SMS.

Conduct draws for the participants of your services, through the Automated Draws tool.

Detailed reports of usage, and many more statistics

SMS Service Simulator which can be used to send test messages, simulating the mobile network, in order to test your SMS services without the need to send an actual SMS from a mobile handset.

Moderate incoming SMS messages and accept / reject messages based on their content, and you can also edit message content if needed.

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