SMS Marketing Case Studies

Below are some examples of how different businesses use our SMS Services to effectively communicate with their Customers, Members, Colleagues, Employees, Partners

  1. Airlines
    • Airlines can use our high speed and secure SMS Services to send flight confirmations to their customers.
    • Or they can send promotion or coupons to their club members.
    • Or send small lunch or dinner menu and get replies from their customers.  
  2. Astrologers
    • Astrologers can send daily, weekly or monthly SMS notifications to their subscribers.
    • They can also send SMS birthday wishes.
  3. Banks
    • Banks can use our high speed, encrypted and secure SMS Services to notify their customers about delayed payment, promotions special offers etc..
    • We use encrypted connections and we don't store any transactions.

  5. Cinemas
    • Cinemas, movie theaters can use our SMS Services to inform their customers about new movies playing schedules and special events
  6. Clubs
    • Clubs Can use our SMS Services to notify their members about membership expiry dates
    • New event notification
    • Survey their members for the launching of a new service and get replies back
  7. College / school
    • College & Schools can use or SMS Services to notify parents of their kids presence / absence on a daily basis
    • Send SMS with exam Grades
    • Congratulates parents for their kids success
    • Sending best wishes in holidays and special events
    • Send reminders to attend parents regular meetings
  8. Content Providers / website masters
    • Send SMS Campaigns to reach to new customers
    • Deliver mobile or any digital content by send download link in SMS
    • Notify customers about subscriptions expiry dates
    • Launch SMS promotional campaign.
    • Send SMS Discount Vouchers
  9. Corporate
    • Corporate can use our Reliable SMS Services:
      • Internally
        • Inform employees by SMS about salary payments.
        • Announce new comer (name, position, department)
        • Send SMS reminders about general or department meetings.
        • Announce the availability of a new vacancy (internal hiring)
        • The possibilities are countless…
      • Externally
        • Send SMS campaigns to reach new customers
        • Send SMS Promotion Campaigns to their customers
        • Send SMS with link to download latest press release
        • Invite customers to visit their booth at a trade show…
        • Conduct SMS Survey's and get feedback
        • Announce new event or opening.

    There are no limits on how to benefit from Best Cairo SMS Services


  11. Best Cairo SMS Marketing & Services are also suitable for Couriers, Customer Relations Dept, Department Stores, Event management, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Newspapers, Magazines, Political Parties, Radio Stations, Railways, Retailers, Stock Brokers, Supermarket, Hypermarkets, Travel Agencies, TV Channels

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