SMS Services API


BestCairo SMS Services API (Apllication Programming Interface)


Who Should use The SMS Services API?

  • Developers, Programmers and website owners looking to build their own messaging application and integrate SMS Services into their application for several purposes like social networks & portals with SMS services and Mobile content , stock brokerage portals looking to send SMS notification to their customers as SMS alerts & notifications, horoscope website sending daily SMS horoscope to their subscribers and many other examples…
  • Companies, banks and corporations whom already has their own developed application and want to integrate SMS services to their existing ERP, CRM, Oracle or any other application that has been tailored to their specific use. 


In order to help our clients achieve their implantation tasks with efficiently and with essay we are providing the following SMS Services API with extensive documentation, examples and sample scripts:



Here is a short list of main technical features:

  • SSL certificate to ensure encryption
  • SMS services supported: Text, Unicode, Binary, Flash, WAP push
  • HLR using  HTTP & SMPP

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API documentation:



All our clients have access to our API Products Free of charge.

Our Customers pay's only for sent SMS.

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