Android virtual SIM hosting is a revolutionary new way of high speed (15 – 50 SMS/second) sending/receiving “2Way SMS” over the internet using your own mobile number.

Android Virtual SIM hosting “Android 2Way SMS” is a powerful time/cost effective alternative solution to traditional SMS short codes, long codes “virtual mobile number”

Before going into more details about its benefits and usage let’s see how it works:

-        We will send you an Android application to install on your android phone

-        When you start the Android application it will give you an IP, port, username, password

-        You will send us the details of the IP, port, username, password provided by the application

-        Using the above given details we will connect your Android phone to our SMS gateway where you can send/receive SMS from our web interface or through our powerful API

Basically we will send you and android mobile application to install on your android phone that will turn your android phone into an SMS gateway buy utilizing your SIM card for SMS sending and receiving, voice calls are not affected by this operation. Once the application is running and connected to our SMS gateway the only thing you need to do is to make sure that your android phone is always connected to the internet and has enough credit to send SMS, after that all management of SMS sending and receiving is done from our user friendly SMS gateway web interface or via our API.

Benefits of using Android virtual SIM hosting “Android 2Way SMS”:

-        Full control over your 2Way SMS service as you can Stop/Start the service anytime you want

-        Send Bulk SMS using your own SIM card or bring your own Bulk SMS provider we only charge you for Android Virtual SIM hosting only

-        Multiple users can send/receive SMS at the same time

-        Overcome all restrictions imposed by some mobile operators when using short codes, long codes as you are using a standard SIM card issued form a mobile operator.

-        Easy and fast deployment of the service, NO long waiting for short code approval.

-        Subscribe to mobile operators unlimited SMS packages and have all your SMS sending for Free

-        You decide wither you want to use it for SMS sending/receiving or sending only, receiving only

-        You decide the number and mobile operator that you want to use

-        You decide wither you want to send/receive SMS locally only or internationally you can also define multiple rules like send SMS locally only and receive SMS internationally

-        Powerful and easy to use developer API to integrate 2 Way SMS into your existing application

Some Application Examples for Android 2 way SMS (SMS -MO):

-        2-way SMS marketing campaigns

-        Your customer can inquiry by SMS

-        Keyword based SMS interaction

-        SMS news letter subscriptions

-        SMS Order confirmation

-        Send onetime passwords, activation codes

-        SMS surveys

-        SMS promotions, SMS competitions

-        television SMS voting

-        SMS chat

-        SMS-to-email

-        and many other…

Try it for Free No credit card required No string attached…

Please follow the below instructions to setup your Free Trial


-        Any android phone with a SIM card inserted

-        Connect your android phone to the internet via WIFI

-        Download and install the Free version of Android SMPP SMS gateway App from Google Play Store 

-        Start the application and from the settings menu change the port number to 9090

-        Access your WIFI router admin page usually it has this IP as you will need to open port “port forwarding” 9090 if you don’t know how to do it follow this        tutorial you can also find tutorials specific to your router brand and model here  

-        In production mode It is preferred to have a static IP from your ISP “Internet Service Provider” or follow this tutorial  to setup a temporary static hostname to use it only during your trial period and once you decide that you want to use our service you should ask your ISP to setup a static IP for your internet connection for increased performance

-        Send us email to “support [@]” containing your Host/IP, Port number, username, password given by the android SMPP SMS gateway that you have installed on your android phone and the your Static IP or Static hostname. Within 24 hours we will setup your account and send the login details to your trial account to start testing our service via web interface or our developer API 


  • Purchase of Android SMPP SMS gateway mobile application license $100 USD - Onetime payment
  • Onetime account setup fee 40 Euro
  • No Monthly Fees – Pay as you go: 
    • Send SMS 0.005 Euro/SMS
    • Receive SMS 0.005 Euro/SMS

*Minimum purchase 5000 Send/Receive credit

High Volume Sending & Receiving 500K+ per month please contact us


  • High Speed sending & receiving (15 – 50 SMS/Sec) could be increased up to 100+ SMS/Sec
  • Web portal for SMS sending and receiving
  • Upload and organize your contacts into groups
  • Single or bulk SMS reply to received message
  • Auto reply to received SMS
  • SMS Voting with multiple keywords
  • HTTP and SMPP API access
  • Export detailed reports in different formats
  • Send Bulk SMS using your SIM card  or use your own Bulk SMS provider

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